Brand: Zantiva

Origin: Germany

Packing: Tube of 20 effervescent tablets 


Zantiva weight loss effervescent tablets are products originating from Germany. With a component of HCA extract, it has a beneficial effect on burning fat in areas such as the waist, abdomen, and thighs while keeping the body healthy and alert throughout the day.



  • Burn fat in areas prone to accumulation such as abdomen, waist, thighs Limit hunger, cravings
  • Purify harmful ingredients from the body, maintain a healthy state
  • Limit the body's absorption of carbs to the necessary level
  • Convert fat into energy without causing fatigue 



  • Pineapple extract (Hydroxycitric Acid): helps to limit caloric intake accumulates in the organs as fat. At the same time slow down metabolism. Converts absorbed calories into muscle-tightening glycogen.
  • In addition, HCA also works to shorten weight loss time by balancing cholesterol in the body.
  • Lemon flavor: Making effervescent water easy to drink, increasing taste Instructions for using Zantiva effervescent tablets



  • Each time drinking effervescent tablets with about 100ml of water.
  • Use 2 capsules a day. 1 tablet each time.  Use about 30 minutes before breakfast and before bed. For people with stomach pain, high blood pressure, cardiovascular: Should be taken 30 minutes after breakfast and before bed.


Cautions for use:

- Combined with eating lots of fruits, reducing protein, and do light exercise

- Limit eating too much fat 

- Do not use with pregnant and lactating women 

Zantiva weight loss effervescent tablets Made in Germany Tube of 20 tables


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