Yanagiya - Hair Tonic 240ml 

Gracing tresses and scalps since its creation in 1952, this trusted hair tonic not only encourages hair growth and leaves it healthier, shinier, and refreshed, while preventing irritation and dandruff. Use 2 to 3 times for optimal results.

Care for the scalp of adults

Continuous scalp care is important for growing young, healthy, and strong hair. Three types of medicinal and natural remedy extracts (Swertia japonica, ginseng, Sophora flavescens, and Rabdosia japonica) penetrate to the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss and promote growth.

Benefits and effects

Hair growth, hair restoration, hair growth promotion, and the prevention of dandruff, itching, thin hair, and hair loss.


Choice of Features:

  • Fragrance-Free:

- Stimulates hair growth with the natural remedy Swertia japonica Coolness increased without fragrance.

- An extract from the natural remedy Swertia japonica and dipotassium glycyrrhizate, extracted from the crude drug Glycyrrhiza, seep into hair roots, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

- A long-selling, fragrance-free tonic, now with added coolness.

- Unscented fragrance for daily scalp care: It is an unscented type that does not bother the scent, so it is easy to use and is ideal for daily scalp care. Prevents dandruff and itchiness that cause hair loss and keeps the scalp clean.

- The cool type that keeps you feeling super refreshing for a long time: By increasing the amount of menthol, which is a refreshing ingredient, the feeling of use "exhilaration" expected from hair tonics are improved and lasts for a long time.

- A new blend of crude drug Swertia japonica extract promotes hair growth: Three kinds of medicinal ingredients and crude drug ingredients permeate the hair roots to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Moisturizing ingredient Emmeisou, Birch, Kujin extract


  • Citrus
- Hair tonic with natural citrus extracts to keep your scalp soft
A medicated hair tonic containing the natural citrus extract. Moisturizes and softens the scalp, which becomes hard and taut with aging, and prepares the scalp environment for growing healthy hair. Three kinds of medicinal ingredients prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. With a refreshing citrus scent and a super refreshing feel, it prevents dandruff and itchiness.

- Citrus version of a trusted long-selling brand, medicated hair growth tonic: Born in 1952, it is a reliable long-selling brand. For the maintenance of youthful, healthy, and strong hair, it can be fully used for the daily continuous care of the scalp.

- Natural citrus extract softens the scalp: Natural citrus extract moisturizes the firm and taut scalp and prepares the scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

- Maintains an exhilarating feeling of use and prevents dandruff and itchiness: It tightens the scalp refreshingly and keeps you feeling refreshed for a long time. It also prevents dandruff and itchiness that cause hair loss and keeps the scalp clean.


How to use:

  • Rinse 2 to 3 times a day into the scalp, and massage well so as not to stand nails.
  • When using after shampoo, use after wiping off moisture well.

Yanagiya-Hair Tonic 240ml-Stimulates hair growth-Prevent dandruff-Made in Japan


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