Continuing the super facial skincare products Vento Vivere launched a super product for especially sensitive areas, the eyes. Vento Vivere Switzerland Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream incorporates a frequency massage vibrator that promotes the essence of osmosis and is more effective than conventional balm products.

Gently massage and massage the eye area, you do not need to use your hands because it can damage the eye area if you do not know how to manipulate this balm.


Brand: Vento Vivere

Specification: 20g

Origin: Switzerland

Ingredients Vento Vivere Switzerland Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream
With expensive ingredients from European Sturgeon Eggs, combining Diamond Powder and Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract which is effective in treating darkness and skin tightness most effectively.

- Diamono Extract: diamond extract has a remarkable effect in removing the old horny layer, nourishing and brightening the skin.

- Carviar Extract: Extract from the best sturgeon eggs, contains omega-3 16 times higher than normal fish eggs. Creates an instant firming effect, penetrates directly into the dermis layer, promotes collagen regeneration, and fades wrinkles.

- Retinyl Palmitate: is an anti-aging ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Used to effectively remove free radicals, prevent collagen from breaking down, and fade wrinkles. Keeps skin firm and elastic.

- Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract: extracted from thorn buds from a 200-year-old tree. Helps brighten and rejuvenate skin effectively. Prevent and remove small wrinkles and tighten skin.

- Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract: Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract does not cause irritation, helps soften skin, brightens white, anti-oxidant. Slow down the process of pigmentation, activating the ability to whiten and regenerate the skin.


Uses Vento Vivere Switzerland Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream

- Erase dark eye area.

- Regenerates, increases collagen in the eye area.

- Blurred wrinkles and eye irritation.


Vento Vivere Switzerland Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream user guide

  • Use 2 times/day, morning, and night.
  • Open the lid and gently squeeze the cream.
  • Turn the device on, then use the round tip on the massage cream tube on the skin around the eyes, in the direction from the eye socket to the tail of the eye.

Vento Vivere Switzerland Luxe Caviar Cellular Eye Cream 20gr +Eye Massage Device

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$47.96Sale Price

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