Ginseng - "miracle" of youthful skin

Skincare is a routine that is almost always maintained every day for women. And one of the ways to increase the effectiveness of your whole skincare routine is to invest in yourself a good skincare essence

TREATMENT & DETOX FACE - Magic Gift of Nature - is a skin-restoring treatment that works to treat and eliminate skin diseases that are hidden and on the surface for a long time that can not be cleaned by mild treatments. When you start using Gzonnio essences penetrate deeply into the skin and apply the intensity of the immune response to the skin. When the essences have been absorbed later into the dermis, they will be on the skin for 72 hours to treat diseases.

Skin conditions: Treatment in skincare is understood as the special treatment products, which are specifically used to treat problems such as pigmentation, darkening, acne, or other skin problems such as scarring, large pores, aging pigmentation, freckles, age spots, aging, large acne, all types of acne (from mild to severe), thin skin, weak and irritable ... etc, GZONNIO can treat all of it.

The difference of this product compared to other products is the coverage of your skin, bringing confidence to the rustic, brightening skin, healthy skin, bringing convenience to people, and can also self-restore their skin treatment.

Main ingredient: 100% fresh ginseng root

User manual:

  1. Wash your face with Cleanser And Treatment (*).
  2. Apply Serum Treatment & Detox Face to face. For the first 3 days, use 1 time in the evening (let the skin work lightly to push toxins out) After 3 days you increase to use 2 times/day.
  3. Use continuously for 2-3 months (severe skin diseases can be 4-5 months) 100% natural extracts and the effects of ginseng maintain the Perfect and elastic treatment by actively producing collagen, replacing damaged, aging skin cells with new ones.


  • Stimulates collagen-producing cells
  • Skin-restoring special treatment
  • Brightens skin and even natural color
  • Natural collagen proliferation
  • Improve the structure of Collagen, Elastin fracture, create skin firmness.
  • Replace damaged, aging cells to make skin brightening, smooth, and shiny.


Cleanser & Treatment (100gram): is a product that cleanses the darkest of your skin,  Serum helps to eliminate toxins below being pushed up, then Cleanser will wash away toxins from the surface. It is recommended that you use the whole kit for better results.


Treatment & Detox Face Serum 50ml the essence of the serum will penetrate deeply into the skin and use the intensity of the immune response to the skin. When the essences have been absorbed later into the dermis, they will remain on the skin for about 72 hours to treat diseases such as Melasma, Freckles, Aging, Age spots, Large pores, Pimples, Types of acne, Irritated skin, Callous skin ...


TREATMENT & DETOX FACE Washing Powder and Treatment Serum GZONNIO Local Korean

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