SUISKIN Salmon Ampoule Set combines the nutrition in different parts of salmons with various anti oxidant herb complexs to prevent cell aging and help improving skin condition. Salmon has an admirable characteristic with the strong ability to lay eggs at high velocity rivers. Mucin in salmon skin, PDRN in salmon DNA, vitamin E in salmon egg are parts of the amazing SUISKIN ampoule that promises to revitalize a healthy, beautiful skin.



  • Salmon DNA: DNA of Salmon milt "Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide (Main Agent of PDRN injection) helps rejuvenate and recover the skin. In the clinic, PDRN injection cost over $200 per cc. Without any pain, Intensive Salmon DNA care is possible (up to 56cc).
  • Salmon Egg: It contains Vitamin E and astaxathin to prevent cell aging and skin discoloration and is very effective on improving skin condition. The nutritions also help to brighten and even skin tone.
  • Reduce oily skins, tighten skin pores, reduce acne.
  • Included Pure Medi: Effective synthesis of collagen to prevent aging and provide anti-oxidant and moisturizing in order to vitalize the skin.
  • Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex (Patent complex of Nourishment): Flavonoid, Alkaloid, multi Vitamins, Tannin, Polysaccharide, Amino acid, full of nutrients are efficiently extracted from Pomegranate, Fig, Mulberry, Ginkgoto provide anti-oxidant and anti-aging effect to have healthy skin.
  • 11 kinds Swiss Medical Herbals: This complex is harvested in Alps Valais Mountains which is located over 1,000m by organic method (no use of synthesized fertilizer, insecticide, and herbicide)
  • Noticable healthier, more hydrated, more moisturized complexion in 28 days.


  • Get a firm grip ofthe bottle in one hand and push the cone-shaped cap forward with the other hand to open the ampoule.
  • Take an appropriate amount and use your hands to evenly spread the ampoule over the neck and face.
  • Tap on the skin until the ampoule is absorbed.
  • 0nce opened, use the whole bottle at one time. Use twice a day, daily.

Suiskin Salmon DN Ampoule 2ml X 28ea Set for Anti-wrinkle Korean Cosmetics

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