The SHINE & WHITE sleeping mask is a combination of 2 technologies SuperSHINE and HealthyWHITE , which both instantly whitens and moisturizes to keep skin healthy and shiny:

💎 Skin whitening immediately

💎 Prevent dehydration

💎 Skin whitening is not dependent


➖ The main active whitening ingredient is Glutathione and vitamin C in stable form, whitening is safe according to NO inhibition mechanism so it does NOT cause dependency and does NOT rebound. Using the integration of SUPERSHINE super stretch technology, it is suitable for those with weak, thin and vulnerable skin. Whitening and redness treatment at the same time by the intensive skin recovery formula.


 How to use: After cleansing and balancing, use a hydration-based moisturizer, then apply the SHINE WHITE Ovenight sleep mask to your face. Apply a lot, thick and wet face to achieve the best effect because the exclusive HYDROGRAPHIC PUDDING formula will help penetrate deeply without causing any break out or trouble skin breathing. Let the hydrolyzed pudding layer work through the night and see the result next morning.


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