RONAS Stem Cell Solution (5mlx10ea)

▶ Manufacturer: Arocosmetic

▶ Country of origin: Korea

▶ Capacity: 5mlx10

▶ Main ingredient

: Hydrolyzed pea protein, sodium hyaluronate, green tea callus culture extract, soybean placenta

▶ Product Description

: Contains stem cell activator extracted from vegetable placenta and pea to form skin protective film and restore dry and rough skin
: Enhances the absorption ability to penetrate deep into the skin, concentrates encapsulated multi-layered liposomes for intensive moisture 
: Provides skin elasticity care with faster effects.

▶ How to use

: During morning and evening skin care, after a toner, apply right amount onto face and pat skin lightly for absorption. 

RONAS Stem Cell Solution (5ml x 10ea)

$50.00 Regular Price
$47.50Sale Price

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