❤️ "Mama Chue - Ginseng Honey" - 100% fresh ginseng Geumsan Korea, a lot of celebrity news used before.
500gr can be used for the whole family: grandparents, parents, children over 10 years, postpartum women and lactating 
The effect of ginseng and turmeric is always very, the more beautiful the skin, the stronger the health:
🔸 Help to regulate endocrine, help a lot for you suffer from endometriosis or abdominal pain to months.
🔸 Effective detoxification of body, weight loss and detoxification, abundant vitamin A supplementation and natural vitamin B5 sources help to brighten the eyes and increase the ability to self-heal and regenerate the body.
🔸 Support the treatment of hyperpigmentation skin, make the skin white, remove the risk of hidden acne. New brown spots develop.
🔸 Blurring bruise, acne scar, acne treatment.
🔸 Stretch marks prevention in fat women, postpartum ...
🔸 Skin lightening, making the skin more color.
🔸 Lubricate the joints with liquid membrane, help the hair grow long, do not lose hair.
🔸 Generate natural collagen of the body.
🔸 Rebuild and support the gastric membrane, good for people with stomach pain, or drink alcohol.
🔸 Detoxify the liver, kidney purification.
🔸 Effective cancer prevention.
1 Jar 500mg for 30 days 

MAMA Chue Korean Ginseng TURMERIC / SAFFRON Honey, Health & Beauty, Face & Skin



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