Disposable sheet pads reach up to 40°C, relieving tension and alleviating stomach cramps associated with menstruation. Self-heating pads provide immediate relief from aches and pains, helping you relax and stay comfortable even during those difficult red days. To use, stick the pad on clean and dry skin and wear tight-fitting cotton underwear to keep the pad in place. Remove when the pad no longer feels warm on the skin.


  • A medical device that sticks to the inside surface of the undergarment and warms your belly.


  • With a comfortable steam warming, it warms deeply and improves the vision of the blood of the affected part and softens the pain and the stiffness.


  • Do not use on wet clothes.


  • Designed optimally for female stomach and waist.


  • It is gentle to delicate skin with soft mesh.


  • Sticks to the inner surface of the warming heat insulation undergarment of the gesture steam.


  • It is a thermal sheet that sticks to the inner surface of the undergarment and warms your belly.


  • A soft, hot heat containing steam warms the valuable tummy and waist gently.


  • Comfort temperature 40 °C continues gently for 5 to 8 hours, and the heat is transmitted to the deep part.


  • Moderate steam that is gentle to the skin.


  • Do not get the clothes wet.


  • Neuralgia and remission of pain in muscle pain.


  • Activate gastrointestinal work.


  • Improve blood circulation.


  • Optimal design for female stomach & waist.


  • It is thin and does not echo out to the outer, unique fluffy concavo-convex processing & soft mesh which is gentle to delicate skin.


  • Pack Size - 5 pcs


How to use:

  • Be sure to paste it on the shorts.
  • Do not stick to the skin.
  • Peel off the left and right paper and put the sheet on the inner cotton of the shorts with the shorts wrapped.
  • In order to cover the entire seat, be sure to stick it on shorts that are deep enough for the body to fit.
  • If it is used for something other than shorts, it may become too hot or not very warm.


  • Shorts may be damaged by adhesive.
  • Do not use for delicate fabric (such as silk and lace ground).


  • Depending on the fabric of the shorts (nylon, polyurethane, lace ground etc.), sheets may not be attached and may be peeled off.


Kao - MegRhythm Steam Thermo Patch Stick On Garment 5 pcs


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