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The fundamental of skin care is maintaining a healthy and beautiful balance in the body.
'Innerb', made through the research and technologies of CJ, is based on the inner-beauty philosophy that pursues healthy beauty. Innerb is an inner-beauty health brand that provides a solution for skin troubles resulting from loss of balance in the body. Inner-beauty for beautiful skin that goes beyond superficial beauty and fills beauty from within- Keep your eyes open for Innerb!



- Pulling the skin as you get older and rough skin texture management 
- From skin moist penance 
- Let's turn back the skin time  
- Collagen
- Glucosylceramide 
- Hyaluronic acid 

Take 2 capsules at night once a day

[innerb] Innerb Aqua Rich 500mg 70 CAPSULES HYDRATION SKIN

$60.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price

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