Genie Sline Pro Belly Fat Massage Belt is considered to have the fastest fat loss effect on the Korean market today, Genie's latest generation abdominal massage device with advanced vibration technology.



  • The vibrating capacity of the belt is over 1000 times/min, the higher the vibration speed, the faster & more efficient the fat-burning rate.
  • The 3D spiral vibration frequency burns excess fat from the inside out, stimulating nerves around the capillaries to dissolve 90% of the mass of fat.
  • The temperature range of the belt from 45-65 degrees C is just enough, you can use the power source directly with the power cord or charge the battery like a phone if you often go out.



  • Genie Sline Pro Premium Belly Fat Massage Belt has a compact design, information button design with built-in intensity adjustment for easy use and manipulation.
  • Belonging to the electric pulse massage machine line to stimulate muscle activation, muscle shaping, firm skin, and muscle, Sline Pro works enduringly.
  • Genie abdominal massage machine with white color and high-grade fabric belt is less likely to discolor over time.
  • The control panel is connected to the front belt, you can easily turn on / off flexibly.
  • In addition, after use, it is easy to clean when it gets dirty. It can store in a backpack, a suitcase with traveling on long-distance business.


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