Genie 20 yrs Forever vaginal tighteners are formulated from natural herbal ingredients: Red Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Herbs, Orange Essence, Fruit, Vitamins, Coenzyme Q10 to enhance elasticity, tighten and brighten the vagina.

Use of capsules to tighten Genie 20yrs Forever

  • Genie tablets help tighten the vagina
  • Increase blood flow to the private area, restore firmness and contractility
  • Regenerate, make it pink (brightening), reduce pigmentation
  • Endocrine regulation and menstruation
  • Reduce the risk of gynecological, inflammatory,
  • Highly nutritious ingredients help promote health, slow down the aging process of the body.
  • With ingredients extracted from rare natural herbs, produced on such a modern and safe line, the Genie 20yrs Forever 60 Korean capsule will have a safe and effective effect. You will quickly feel the use of the product.
  • Helps tighten the vaginal area quickly and permanently
  • Restores and regenerates cells, enhancing elasticity and firmness.
  • Reduce pigmentation, give your private area a bright pink as a youth.
  • Endocrine regulation, reduce the pain when the menstrual cycle.
  • The nutritional ingredients in the product protect your body from the effects of the external environment, minimize the risk of gynecological and genital diseases.
  • Supplement the nutrients necessary for the body, especially for women who lose blood after birth, for the body to regenerate and recover quickly.
  • Slow aging, prolong the spring room.

Object of use

Genie 20yrs Forever 60 capsules should be used and work well for the following cases:

- After giving birth, women need to replenish and restore health, women have sex many times, causing the vagina to expand and lose feeling.

- People who need to take care of their private parts to become more youthful, toned and enhance their contractility.

- Use well with adults, not used for children.

Note: It is not suitable for pregnant women, breast-feeding women or women who are ill during chemotherapy or radiation.

User manual

When using tight fitting Genie 20yrs Forever, you need to pay attention:

✔ Week 1: take 4 capsules daily in the morning and evening after eating

✔ The following week: 1 tablet daily, in the morning after eating

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