Capacity: 5ml

Product description:

  • Feminine perfume for underwear removes odor from your underwear or sanitary pad, keeping you refreshed all day long, even through the most sensitive days.
  • This perfume not only removes odor, but also help reduce secretions, thanks to its 99% antibacterial effect.
  • It is free from 26 allergy inducing ingredeints, to guarantee a safe use.


  • Feminine Perfume for Underwear.
  • Sweetly Floral Fragrance.
  • Wash the impurities from the cleansing spot
  • Help prevent unpleasant body odors
  • No contain any high-risk 8-grade fragrance (Allergy-free)

How to use:

  • Dropping 1 drop to underwear or pantyliner for antibacterial purpose.
  • Drop it one or two times to the underwear during menstrual daily.
  • You can also use this as general perfume.
  • Please avoid using pregnant women.


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