Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Tablets Relieve Acetitis -  works to maintain a safe intimate environment, prevent bacteria and inflammation, itching fungus, vaginal discharge, bad odor uncomfortable. Japanese products are suitable for many subjects, with absolutely no side effects.

     Product Name: Japanese Estoril 0.5mg Tablets For Anti-Inflammation
     Made in Japan
     Manufacturer: Mochida
     Presentation: 10 tablets x 10

Uses of Estoril Pills 0.5mg Japan Cure Seititis

Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Anti-Stain Reliever helps to resolve your inner problems.

  •     Help melon always fragrant, pink, tight
  •     Prevent infections and sexually transmitted diseases
  •     Regulate menstruation, reduce irregular menstruation, erratic in women.
  •     Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Anti-Stain Infused Pill helps balance pH` levels in your virgin
  •     Cleaning the genital area, removing impurities in the virgin
  •     Antibacterial, prevents harmful bacteria and itchy fungi that cause vaginal itching and herpes.
  •     Eliminates bad air and unpleasant odors
  •     Increase the ability to lubricate during sex, increase desire in "sex", help women confidently storm with her husband, the married life is always full and harmonious.
  •     Improve urinary incontinence.
  •     Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Tablets For Anti-Inflammatory inflammation also helps prevent cervical cancer


How to use:

  1. Use Estoril in the evening, after bathing, and at bedtime.
  2. Place 1 tablet deep into the vagina, 1 tablet per day.
  3. Should be used regularly but pay attention to avoid "period" days. Continue to use it again after your period is gone.
  4. In case of use for the prevention of gynecological infections, Estoril should be administered for 3 consecutive days.
  5. In the case of use for inflammation, use more often for good effect.



  1. Should not have sex immediately after inserting Estoril. Estoril medicine takes about 30 minutes to dissolve completely.
  2. Keep hands clean and dry when using, rinse after placing.
  3. Estoril is a vaginal suppository, and must not be taken by mouth

Estoril 0.5mg Japanese tablets -Cure inflammation,tighten the vagina 100 TABLETS

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