Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Tablets Relieve Acetitis -  works to maintain a safe intimate environment, prevent bacteria and inflammation, itching fungus, vaginal discharge, bad odor uncomfortable. Japanese products are suitable for many subjects, absolutely no side effects.

     Product Name: Japanese Estoril 0.5mg Tablets For Anti-Inflammation
     Made in Japan
     Manufacturer: Mochida
     Presentation: 10 tablets x 10

Uses of Estoril Pills 0.5mg Japan Cure Seititis

Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Anti-Stain Reliever helps to resolve your inner problems.

  •     Help melon always fragrant, pink, tight
  •     Prevent infections and sexually transmitted diseases
  •     Regulate menstruation, reduce irregular menstruation, erratic in women.
  •     Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Anti-Stain Infused Pill helps balance pH` levels in your virgin
  •     Cleaning the genital area, removing impurities in the virgin
  •     Antibacterial, prevents harmful bacteria and itchy fungi that cause vaginal itching and herpes.
  •     Eliminates bad air and unpleasant odors
  •     Increase the ability to lubricate during sex, increase desire in "sex", help women confidently storm with her husband, the married life is always full and harmonious.
  •     Improve urinary incontinence.
  •     Estoril 0.5mg Japanese Tablets For Anti-Inflammatory inflammation also helps prevent cervical cancer

Estoril 0.5mg Japanese tablets -Cure inflammation,tighten the vagina 100 TABLETS

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