The high coverage cushion with triple hyaluronic acid and Resmelin to replenish the inside and outside of dry, fragile skin with moisture and nourishment to regenerate damaged skin.  

- Characteristics: Strengthens skin barriers, hydrates, exceptional coverage.

- Active Ingredients: Triple hyaluronic acid, Resmelin, niacinamide

- Skin Type: All skin
- Color fastness and alkali resistance
- Thin, smooth, healthy tone and stretch
- It's natural, it's not like wearing makeup
- Ensuring good coverage
- Protects the skin with SPF 50 + / PA +++, moisturizes the skin so it moisturizes and brightens The special thing is that Corthe specializes in cosmetics so the product is extremely benign, does not cause acne or allergies for the skin.

[DMS Dermoessential] Corthe Dermo Protection Revival Cushion 15g SPF50+ PA+++


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