Bella Fora assists with premenopausal problems, helps to stop the aging process of skin and body, helps maintain smooth, youthful skin, hydrates, soothes dry skin, and emits a sweet rose scent.


The ingredients of Bella Fora contain Damas rose essence to help create a self-flavored fragrance. reduce odors, the body will emit a delicate, seductive scent


The uses of Bella Fora products
► Supports premenopausal problems.
According to research, the essence of Primrose in Bella Fora has miraculous effects on women to help replenish, balance hormones, prevent inflammation - dry gynecology, reduce unpleasant physiological symptoms at times,  premenstrual period, perimenopause and menopause in women, ... so Japanese researchers have put the essence of Primrose into the product.
► Supports skin beauty, good for the body.
Vitamin E extracted 100% from almonds in Bella Fora helps to stop the aging process of skin and body, helps maintain smooth, youthful skin, moisturizes, soothes dry and allergic skin, supports blurring bruises - pigmentation, regenerating new skin cells, brightening skin

The ingredients of Bella Fora products
►In 1 tablet Bella Fora contains:
- Primrose Essence: Extracted from Primrose create the purest and safest essence.
- Damask Rose Essence: Premium Damask rose essence is meticulously extracted with a complex of volatile and dissolved for the sweetest characteristic natural scent and longest lasting.
- Natural Vitamin E: Derived from Almonds


How to use Bella Fora

► Take from 1 capsule / day with water, should be taken in the evening
On an important occasion (meeting a partner, dating ..) drink 30 minutes before.

BELLA FORA DAMASK ROSE PILL- The Fragrance of Youth 35 capsules

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