Yasmine Body White Tone Up Cream is a high-quality, natural skin care product that includes plant extracts (chamomile extract, licorice extract, green tea extract, rosemary leaf extract, and extracts. white gold, diamonds), can be used for a long time. Help skin turn tone day after use and whiten evenly over time, soothe the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.
Ingredients of Body Yasmine Body Lotion:
☩ DIAMONDS: Diamonds have the ability to quickly lift skin tone thanks to the effect of removing Melanin pigment (the cause of dark skin), and stimulating the production of collagen for smooth, moist skin.
☩ WHITE GOLD: Thanks to nano white gold, the product will help the skin inhibit mentyrosinase, thereby promoting fair skin, preventing brown spots. Moreover, gold nano also stimulates blood conditioning, thereby helping skin to be ruddy and bright.
☩ GREEN TEA: In green tea contains lots of minerals and vitamins, has the ability to regenerate, restore skin and support skin whitening very effectively.
TH Licorice: Licorice is u`sed a lot in beauty products due to its ability to eliminate brown spots on the skin, limit skin pigmentation, whiten, healthy, smooth, smooth skin and tighten pores. fruit. Moreover, the vitamins in licorice will make the skin a lot smoother.
How to use Yasmine Body White Tone Up Cream
✘ Body cleansing with hokkaido milk shower gel
✘ Take a small amount and apply evenly to the skin. Use daily to achieve the fastest effect.
✘ May use additional maycreate sunscreen to maximize skin protection.

Yasmine Body White Tone Up Cream


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