Xoul Layered Cream Korea helps to repair damaged skin cells, increase new skin cells, brightening skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, prevent acne. , nourishes smooth white skin.

Ingredients Xoul Layered Cream Korean 
- A jar of Xoul Layered Cream contains 20,000 PPM microscopic stem cell molecules.
- Contains 17 types of Amino Acid - extremely important ingredients to maintain moisture protection for the outermost horny layer of the skin.
- 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid from small particles to medium molecules, and from small to medium molecular organic polymers nourish from the skin to the inner epidermis.
- Always keep Acid 5.5 to keep skin moisturized, and always in a comfortable and stable condition.
Use of Xoul Layered Cream
- 20,000 PPM microscopic stem cell molecules go deep into each skin cell, increase absorption, restore aging skin
- Helps tighten pores, maintain softer, smoother skin.
- Provide moisture and balance, against aging.
- Lift the face muscles, and remove wrinkles to return skin without age.
- The product line is always at the top of beauty centers in Korea, used in beauty treatments for women and men.
- And tested to be completely non-irritating to skin.
Instructions for use Xoul Layered Cream 
- Apply to face and neck evenly in the morning and evening after cleansing.
Brand: Xoul
Specification: 50ml
Made in Korea

Xoul Layered Cream 4-Level Cream Peak - The only technology in Korea

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