WELLAGE - Real Cica Clear One Day Kit 10-Day Set

This set includes a Cica Bio Capsule and Calming Solution. Formulated with 9,000ppm centella asiatica and freeze-dried cica hyaluronic acid to calm sensitive, irritated skin and create dewy, revitalized skin. Helps clear blemishes and even out skin tone, leaving a brighter complexion. To use, mix capsule and solution until capsule is dissolved and apply to cleansed and toned face, gently patting until fully absorbed.


  • This Cica Clear One Day Kit 10-Day Set includes:


  • Cica Bio Capsule: 15mg x 10pcs


  • Calming Solution: 1ml x 10pcs



  • Combines the power of 9,000ppm Centella Asiatica core substance and freeze-dried CICA hyaluronic acid to calm sensitive skin.


  • Significantly soothes irritated skin while revitalizing skin for a dewy, lively skin express.


  • Helps improve blemishes and uneven skin tone to create bright, clear complexion.

How to use:

1. Prep your skin with toner after cleansing.

2. Mix the capsule and Gold Solution until the capsule dissolves, and apply to the face.

3. Gently pat until fully absorbed.

WELLAGE - Real Cica Clear One Day Kit 10-Day Set


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