Product evaluation

Main effects:


Improve skin condition,


VENTO VIVERE Anti-gravitational Revolution

Skincare theory

Using Swiss glacier water as the raw material.

Natural Resveratrol extract.

Solve problems of skin glycation.

To be the first step of anti-aging activity.


Composition effect

Usage method

  • STEP 01

    After skin cleaning in the morning and evening

  • STEP 02

    applying proper amount onto cosmetic cotton

  • STEP 03

    gently pat and wipe your face with the cotton


Detailed description of valuable ingredients


  • Resveratrol Extract

Special nanoscale molecule of resveratrol could effectively inhibit free radical formation

 and stop skin glycation.

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidants extracted from plants,which also has antibacterial effect.

It has been proved that resveratrol could improve ageing skin problems, 

such as skin laxity, wrinkle and luster.

  • Rose Essence

Rose extract has been proved that can boost antioxidant activities 

and improve anti-aging problems, playing a great role in promoting

cell regeneration, repairing broken capillaries and brighten skin. 

  • Active Yeast

Using glacier water from Matterhornl mountain as the raw materials 

that contain rich materials. Glacier water has unique permeability 

and solubility, easy to be absorbed by skin, in addition,

 it can strengthen skincare product adaptation

  • Active Yeast

Yeast have unique molecule structure which very similar with human skin, 

which means it consist of 30% amino acid, 

50% protein,10% nucleotide and also many natural nutrients. 

Yeast could promote cells regeneration, enhance skin immunity,

 improve skin self-restoration.










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