Just one drop to begin to witness the delicate skin

Product evaluation


Applying special concentration technology and powerful moisturising ability.

Radically improve skin condition

Keep skin under ideal condition.

Promote skin absorption




First use:                                           Continuous use:

Increased water content of skin          The skin is thoroughly and moist
The dry lines of the skin have faded    Improvement of dry lines and fine lines  
The skin is more delicate                    the skin is delicate and firm


Detailed description of valuable ingredients



Resveratrol, a natural active ingredient,

it has a very significant effect of anti-aging and melanin inhibitory ,

 and it can effectively scavenge and inhibit the aging caused by 

free radicals and lipid peroxides caused by their metabolites. 

Give skin cells 6 times the intensity of strong protection.

Improve the skin relaxation and dark complexion 

caused by skin glycosylation reaction, and gradually restore the vitality of the skin.



Drawing inspiration from traditional compounds, 

VENTO VIVERE has successfully retained the energy of diverse

active ingredients of Switzerland's national flower, Edelweiss. 

After many times of heating and screening to extract the essence, 

contains beauty active molecules. Carrying out its energy to resist extremely 

strong ultraviolet rays and extreme temperature and humidity,

 has the magical effect of inhibiting cuticle glycosylation, 

restructuring the combination of collagen and elastin,

 improves the tired and dull skin of the face, and makes the skin quickly restore compactness. 




Tens of thousands of years of ancient glaciers filter out this ancient spring with 

low mineral content through boulders and natural gravel

Matterhornl ancient glacial water, which is very pure and has super permeability and solubility, 

and it is free to pass through cell and be absorbed by cells. 

It can maximize the affinity of skin care products to skin cells.


VENTO VIVERE Anti-gravitational Revolution


Just one drop to begin to witness the delicate skin, enjoy the super penetration of hydrating serum.

Replenish water and oxygen for your skin, activate skin absorption ability, keep skin constantly tender and moisturising. Maximum restore skin self-repairing capability.


omposition effect

Usage method

  • STEP 01

    Atfer cleansing skin and before using essence and cream

  • STEP 02

    Take proper amount on your palm and apply

  • STEP 03

    it to your face gently and evenly





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