Three-piece mask set contains 33 grams of golden jelly collagen serum, drenching your skin with much-needed moisture. The jelly texture ensures maximum absorption of collagen, amino acids and ceramides that supply nutrition to skin, refining texture, restoring suppleness and making it look younger and firmer.


  • A mask containing 33g Golden Jelly Collagen Serum, giving you a nutrition treatment for your skin.


  • Focusing on skin moisture and skin oil balance.


  • To provide maximum moisture to your skin.


  • It's a thick jelly-like essence containing double collagen, amino acid and ceramides that supply nutrition to your skin and firm your skin.


  • The mask made of soft nonwoven fabrics which can help the essence to penetrate deeply to your skin.


  • Special multi-cutting can suit any faces.

    How to use:


  • After your regular skin care, take a mask and unfold.


  • Then hold out the eyes of the mask sheet.


  • First fit to around your eyes, mouth and whole face.


  • Please unfold the eye of the mask sheet and covered your eyelid.


  • Take off the mask after 20-30 mins and massage and spread the essence to your skin.


  • Recommends to use this once or twice a week.










Utena - Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask (Hyaluronic Acid)


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