• THE PLANT BASE - Time Stop Collagen Ampoule 20ml

    Packed with 67% of Hieracium erinaceium and 3 other types of natural mushroom extracts, this ampoule offers a firming effect by restoring skin elasticity. It also prevents sun damage and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  • THE PLANT BASE - Waterfall Moist Balanced Hyaluronic Acid 100 20ml

    Containing 100% hyaluronic acid, a few drops of this product goes a long way! Highly moisturizing and revitalizing, it leaves skin with a youthful glow. Apply on cleansed and toned skin. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

  • THE PLANT BASE - Quesera Ceramide 20ml

    Containing 74.19% rice ceramide from rice water and bran oil, this serum reinforces the skin barrier, improves skin conditions and smooths complexion. Patented INFLAX ingredient soothes blemishes, while adenosine firms skin and niacinamide to brighten complexion.

How to use:
1. Apply 1-2 drops on the face evenly and pat gently for further absorption.
2. Drop 1-2 drops and mix well with other skincare products will have a boosting effect.

THE PLANT BASE Ampoule 20ml

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