- BATH CREAM AEGYPTUS Blue Lily of the Nile and Papyrus 500 mlAn intriguing and precious fragrance born from the magical meeting of fresh and floral Agapanthus accents with warm and enchanting notes of spices and Eastern woods. This Bath Cream contains Papyrus extract with nourishing and hydrating properties and soothes skin, rendering it soft and velvety.


- BATH CREAM AYURVEDA Amla Oil and Patchouli 500 ml A fabulous cleansing cream enriched with 5 precious ingredients from the ayurvedic tradition to give you smooth and wonderfully bright skin. To regain peace of mind, immerse yourself in the soft leather of the Ayurveda bath cream.


- BATH CREAM BYZANTIUM Black Rose and Labdanum 500 ml. A luxurious and dreamy fragrance that evokes the ancient city of Byzantium. The Black Rose fragrance, in its rarest and most mysterious variation, is caressed by warm notes of Labdanum to give rise to an enthralling and multifaceted aroma, like a precious Byzantine mosaic. This Aromatic Bath Cream gently cleans leaving skin soft and hydrated.


- BATH CREAM DRAGON FLOWER Dragon Flower and Pitaya 500 ml A tropical plant of rare beauty, its magnificent white flowers give off an intense and magnetic perfume. Immerse yourself in the enthralling fragrance of the Dragon Flower and surrender to its mysterious and provocative fragrance.


- BATH CREAM LOTUS FLOWER Lotus Flower and Shea 500 ml. This aromatic bath cream hydrates and nourishes the skin leaving it soft and silky thanks to its precious ingredients: Lotus Flower and Shea. Suitable for all types of skin, it ensures a pleasant sense of wellbeing and pleasure for the senses.


- BATH CREAM JAPANESE RITUALS Tsubaki Oil and Peony 500 ml. In Japan, personal care is considered a true beauty ritual. Tsubaki oil, obtained by pressing the seeds of the Japanese Camellia fruit, is traditionally used in Japan for skincare, due to its soothing, hydrating, and antioxidative properties. An intense and sensual bouquet, enhanced by fresh and floral Peony notes.


- BATH CREAM KASHMIR SANDALWOOD & VETIVER Kashmir Sandalwood & Vetiver 500 ml. The delicate freshness of Vetiver is married with the warm and amber notes of Kashmir Sandalwood to give life to a precious, intense, and enticing bath cream. Made with natural ingredients, it delicately cleanses, refreshes, and invigorates the skin, embracing the body with a soft caress.


-BATH CREAM ROYAL OUD Royal Oud of Yemen 500 ml. A sweet and intense harmony that gives space for an overwhelming world of Eastern woods and spices. The imaginary Arabic and precious world of “A thousand and one nights” is echoed in its sweet formula that brings to mind the splendor of the ancient Sultan palaces of Persia.

Tesori D' Oriente Bath Cream 500ml Made In Italy Perfume Shower Gel


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