Crohn's extract: The carotenoid group found in many plants is a precious herb



Consists of vitamins - E, B1, B2, B6, B12, DHA.



Nutroxsun consists of two main ingredients: a blend of Citrus Fruit Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract.


Long lasting, easy to use, use anywhere, whenever you want


Helps prevent sunburn, dry skin, peeling caused by UVB rays.

Helps to inhibit the formation of melamine causing freckles, dark spots on the skin 

Helps prevent the formation of wrinkles caused by UVA

Nutritional supplements help skin healthier,

Provides moisture to your skin smooth, smooth even outdoors.

Helps skin healthy, reduce aging, wrinkled, sagging.

Enhance the dull skin-improving effect

Skin rejuvenation

Brightening skin and reducing dulling, freckles.

Besides Crocin, the Dokudami DXP component is also the most important component to:

Support to improve and treat acne breakouts, anti-inflammatory.

Helps close pores to balance sebum secretion.

Help to the diuretic, detoxification

Increases the skin's resilience to UVB-UVA radiation.

Improves skin aging.

Recovery improves skin elasticity to the original state, reducing wrinkles formation.

Helps reduce oxidative stress due to Uv radiation.

Skin tones, freckles, freckles extremely effective

Combat dermatitis, injury, allergy, rash by direct effect of UV on the skin.

Vitamin D synthetic skin is still allowed

Minimizes the absorption of water-based detergents in the skin-damaging pool. Leaves skin smooth, radiant and healthy.

Prevent skin problems and aging, limit the production of melanin

How to use

Day 1 after breakfast.

Cool, dry place, avoid direct light.

During the use of white skin, you should shield, protect the skin from the sun directly from the sun, and the habit of using sunscreen daily when going out.

This product is a functional food is not a drug, no alternative medicine


Sun Protection Skincare SUPER THE SUN FROM JAPAN


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