▪️ Demar87 Cell Genie Profressional Derma Slim Essence gel is an effective weight loss method without pain.  Demar87 will solve all layers of excess fat in the body.  You will not have to use measures such as cutting fat, cosmetic surgery or liposuction ...
▪️ Gel Genie Demar87 Cell Profressional Derma Slim Essence with ingredients of Korean natural herbal origin helps you lose weight, reduce belly fat, have a nice physique.

✅ Composition of Genie Demar87 Cell Profressional Derma Slim Essence:

 - Jeju ginger essence here is the kind of ginger grown on the famous Jeju island of Korea.
 - Pure water and mineral oil
 - Sunflower and Macca essential oils
 - Active ingredient Methyl Salicylate
 - Vitamin E

 - Help break down long-term fat structure, stick firmly.
 - Firming skin areas to reduce fat.
 - Reduce fat concentration of excess fat accumulation areas such as abdomen, biceps, calves, thighs, buttocks, back, hips, waist ...
 - Supplement vitamin E for moisturizing skin to become smooth, firm, prevent signs of wrinkles, aging, sagging after reducing fat.


Slim massage gel Genie Demar87 Cell Slim Essence 500g FREE High Waist Underwear


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