Among the numerous melasma essential oils sold on the market today.

In Beijing, the oil of Melasma Blemishes is recognized as one of the essential oils that bring an incredible result on many customers with different skin characteristics, at different ages.

This product also has a big plus point when it receives the certification of completely organic ingredients from: ginkgo essential oil, rosehip oil, dahlia, white almond oil, orange peel oil, licorice essential oil , tea tree essential oil.

Blended in proportion, separating oil helps eliminate oily oil and the strong smell of Chinese medicine, penetrates deep into the dermis, dermis to bruise bruises, melanin melanin helps remove all freckles, legs Deep melasma like synthetic melasma, dark spots, melasma. Skin is rough, rough, large pores, dark scars are left by acne.

With the activity of penetrating deeply into the dermis layer, it helps to remove the pigmented feet which prevent melanin formation to help the skin shiny and smooth. Will whiten and in the skin from the inside out, instead of exfoliating
melasma cream marketed, your skin will quickly white beautiful fast but easily broken.

With a special way of working, the product contains extremely concentrated nutrients that help the new skin to be nourished and completely protected.

- Cover, protect skin thoroughly, avoid direct sunlight when outdoors.
- Always moisturize the skin when using the product.

Serum Melasma - Freckles - Brightening Skin Nhuoc Tuyet Phu 30ml


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