De Saumon Lanci anti-aging salmon serum is a product of Samsung Korea Corporation.
- Helps you overcome all skin problems such as darkening, uneven skin tone, poor color, sensitive skin, acne, wrinkles, sagging.
- Recover skin, help sensitive skin, premature aging quickly become healthy, full of vitality again.
- Nourish smooth pink white skin, toned and radiant, beautiful shine.
✔ Extract DNA of salmon
✔ 24k gold
✔ Castor oil
✔ Essences extracted from fruits: blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, grapefruit
Quick effect: After only about 2-4 weeks of use (*) Your skin will be nourished, restored and rejuvenated, the skin is white and smooth, like a baby's skin.
Remarkably effective, the skin is improved quickly after only a short time
Melasma, freckles, brown spots, age spots, dark spots, sunburns, dullness, etc. are removed, giving the skin a radiant, radiant pink and white complexion.
Stimulates the regeneration of the skin membrane, helps sensitive skin become healthy, no longer irritated or prone to acne, the cage pores are narrowed.
Provides deep moisturisation, maintaining a soft, supple skin.
Wrinkles, folds are erased, skin rejuvenated, plump and firm.
Oily snow is balanced, relieving acne, preventing hidden acne, bran acne and blackheads.
Recover damaged cells, heal skin, fade scars.
⇒ Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser and warm water to expand the pores, helping salmon serum easily penetrate deep into the skin.
⇒ Step 2: Can use more toner to deep clean and balance the skin PH level.
⇒ Step 3: Apply Serum to the skin: Take 2-3 drops of serum on the skin and spread evenly, massage gently for 5 minutes and then pat the serum deeply.
⇒ Step 4: Continue to perform other skin care steps, can use additional moisturizer to lock serum, prevent serum evaporation.
Should be used at night before going to bed for the best results.
For external use only, avoid cords in eyes, do not drink.
Should protect the skin with sunscreen before going out.

Serum De Saumon Lanci NEW VERSION Salmon oil 21 vials


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