Combining the benefits of an essence, toner, moisturizer and booster in one, this big 250ml bottle contains pure bee honey, royal jelly and propolis. All these rich ingredients help detoxify skin and nourish it while also helping to retain moisture so skin remains soft and glowing naturally. Skip the long routine and just apply this on your cleansed face!


All-In-One Ampoule :Farm Stay Collagen & Hyaluronic acid All In One Ampoule is a functional ampoule care line whose main ingredient is collagen, especially marine collagen that is remarkably similar to skin structure.


 All-In-One Ampoule - Honey: You can enjoy refreshing and soft feeling with natural honey extracts. It can be helpful to skin whitening (Main component: Niacinamide). It can be also helpful to improve wrinkles (Main component: Adenosine).


How to use: Take a proper amount of this product and evenly apply it on skin. After you use the toner, you spread it on the entire face with the appropriate amount and absorb it.

Pack Size - 250ml



Farm Stay - Honey All-In-One Ampoule


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