ZGTS needle consists of 192 needles with needle roller method to treat deep scars and scars pitting while tightening pores, anti-aging skin, this product line is very safe and extremely convenient.


Features ZGTS Gold 192 needle roller

+ Using gold-plated Titanium material for high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


+ The needle is strong, sensitive, and slender, so it can easily go into the vertical depth of the skin but it causes less damage than other needles.


+ Use 192 gold-plated titanium needles.


+ Having a plastic box around the needle tip to not use it will help you better preserve the needle and prevent cross-infection.


+ This is a needle roller in the world called UltraSharp Titanium Needler Roller with the latest generation 2 technology.


+ 192G gold-plated ZGTS needle roller (R) is protected and is a genuine product line.


Instructions on how to roll the needle at home

*Preparation steps:


→ Make sure that the area you are about to treat is not injured.


→ Tools must be pasteurized clean before use (Soak in alcohol 90 degrees for 20 minutes).


→ Before starting, you need to clean the needle first. Using antiseptic medical tincture, you can take a soft toothbrush to scrub gently, then rinse with clean water. After the needle-rolling process is finished, clean the needle in the same way, place it in a box, and store it in a cool, dry place.




⇒ Step 1: Clean the skin:


→ Makeup remover (if any).


→ Wash skin with facial cleanser (antibacterial), gently massage.


→ If the pores are large or the skin is acne-prone, we recommend exfoliating before using the needle.


⇒ Step 2: Apply numbing medicine (numbing cream):


→ Apply anesthetic all over the face, then use a plastic bag (usually a vacuum food bag) to cover the area to apply the anesthetic, wait until the skin is numb for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes.


⇒ Step 3: Clean and disinfect:


→ Wipe off anesthetic with physiological saline.


→ Skin disinfection (Betadine 10% 125ml can be purchased easily at pharmacies).


→ Then wipe again with physiological saline again thoroughly and thoroughly.


→ Dry your face and prepare for the needle roll process.


⇒ Step 4: Needle roller:


→ Roll the forehead area first. Because this area is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the skin, it should be rolled first because the anesthetic is also promoting a high analgesic effect.


→ Next, roll from the forehead to the temples.


→ From temples to cheek.


→ Roll the nose, center and chin separately.


→ Apply combination products (stem cells, vitamin C, Collagen, regenerating nutrients, ...).


→ Roll the steps again to help the combined product penetrate deep into the skin.






+ Need to roll carefully in the skin needs to be treated.


+ Taxiway: take a short taxiway, change direction of horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The purpose for the needle holes to be evenly on the skin, not to miss one spot


⇒ Step 5: Finish:


→ Use cotton swab soaked in physiological saline to clean.


→ Use a moisturizer or a mask to soothe the red skin that has just been rolled.


→ If using a combination of products, do not wipe it again. Leave it there and go to sleep.


→ Avoid going out, exposed to dirt, dirty water for about 6 hours after rolling the needle. After 6 hours, the skin was relatively associated with the osmotic holes. After 24 hours, your skin is relatively recovered, remember to use a mask when you have to go out. After 4 days, you will feel your skin is much improved.


⇒ Roll your own needle at home will help you be more autonomous during the treatment process, save money, do not worry about walking on the dusty road after rolling. And most importantly, avoid infectious diseases brought about by needle sharing.

Roll Needle Gold ZGTS 192 Needle Head 0.25mm

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