Obagi C10 also contains Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant and skin-conditioning active. 

Moisturizing, anti-aging, brightening, anti-inflammatory serum with vitamins.

10% vitamin C concentration.


Vitamin C Serum And Its Benefits 

  • Brighten their skin
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Increase firmness of skin
  • Minimize pores

1. Quality Packaging

Obagi Vitamin C Serum 10 comes in a dark glass bottle, which is great in ensuring that the unstable Ascorbic acid does not oxidize prematurely. Even it was stored it in the fridge for 18 months, and the serum color didn’t get any darker.

The dropper picks up a consistent amount of serum every time it is used. What’s more, there was absolutely no drippage.

2. Moisturizing & Easy to Apply

Obagi Vitamin C Serum 10 felt oily to the touch. It was thicker and easier to pick up and apply than the water-based Glo-Therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+.  The skin felt sufficiently moisturized

3. Safe for Pimple-Prone Skin 

Although  Obagi Vitamin C Serum 10 plus V.E has an oily finish, it is safe to use for pimple-prone skin. No breakout whatsoever after using it for so long. 

4. Not Harsh

There was no stinging, nor irritation or dryness. The addition of Vitamin E really helps to condition the skin well.

5. Lovely Fragrance

The fruity fragrance of grapefruit and other natural extracts from Obagi C10 was so refreshing and pronounced, it made it a delight using this every morning.

Directions of Use

3-4 drops after washing face.

Rohto Obagi C10 Vitamin C Serum Moisturizing Brightening Anti-Aging 26ml


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