Ingredients Original Cell Plus Laksmira Stem Cell Super Whitening Source
- The ingredient that makes a special difference compared to other whitening skin care products on the market is the high ratio of Niacinamide which is a derivative of Vitamin B3 - the vitamin dubbed the "ALL STAR 'of whitening vitamins Highest and safest today Extracted from fresh Acerola cherry - the fruit with the highest vitamin C content in the world, helps to fade pigmentation, freckles, whitening skin tone quickly.
- Extract from Callus green tea plant, licorice (licorice), lichen (lichen), tangerine, Japanese navigator (antibacterial, antioxidant), bitter orange, and safe, healthy ingredients Indispensable properties to help beautify skin such as glycerin, squalane, hyaloronic acid.
- Pure orange essential oil.
- Allatoin.
Uses Original Cell Plus Laksmira Stem Cell Super Whitening Source
- Dim dark pigmentation, age spots, freckles in the shortest time only.
- Inhibiting the synthesis of melanin cells
- Prevent pigmentation, freckles return after the treatment
- Anti-hyperpigmentation
- Providing nutrients, antioxidants for the skin extremely high
- Skin rejuvenation, restoring rough, dry and dehydrated skin
- Maximum moisturizing water supply, helps reduce dry wrinkles to help skin stretch ball, soft, smooth.
- Prevent acne, clean and tighten pores, heal scars quickly
Laksmira Stem Cell Super Whitening Source User Guide
- Clean your face with a cleanser.
- Wipe with rose water to balance skin's PH level.
- Apply a quantity of Laksmira root cells to the face.
- In the process of using Plus Laksmira essence, when outdoors, women need to protect the skin with sunscreen, so that the skin is not damaged by the sun.
Brand: Laksmira
Specification: 100ml

Plus Laksmira Stem Cell Super Whitening Source 100ml Made In Korea


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