✔ Premium SP 11000mg fermented placenta tablet is rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals that improve the skin, increase smooth elasticity, reduce wrinkles, darken pigmentation, shrink pores, ... do Reduce signs of age.


✔ Products are distributed mainly in high-end Japanese domestic spas, the quality has been verified by the Japanese Ministry of Health.


The nutrients are usefully modified, while increasing absorption up to 10 times compared to conventional placental essences.


Great use of fermented placenta Premium SP 11000mg:

Premium Premium fermented pill for skin:

☞ Premium SP 110,000mg replenishes nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, ... enhances skin vitality, improves skin structure.


☞ Promotes new, smooth skin cell renewal


☞ Improving rough, rough, narrowing pores


☞ Inhibits melamine, helps lighten skin, prevents brown spots, dark spots, melasma freckles.


☞ Excellent moisturizing and increasing elasticity, tightening the skin tone, restoring sagging, loose skin, less firmness


☞ Reduces damage from UV rays, improves skin damage caused by sunlight


☞ Promote scarring, reduce dark spots, reduce wrinkles, nourish youthful, smooth skin regardless of age.

Placenta Premium Sp 11000mg JAPAN 120 TABLETS


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