Minette 1-Day Layer Almond Brown Circle Lenses

*** ICYMI: PIA, the makers of the top-selling Lilmoon and Lucia contact lenses are back to sweep us off our feet with their new Minette Series! And if that’s not exciting enough, they teamed up with renowned model Darenogare Akemi to create stylish variations of circle lenses with the best amount of comfort there is.

*** Take the brown lens trend a wide step further with the Minette Layer Almond brown contact lenses. The intricate strokes of almond tones blend beautifully with the black and mocha hues draping in the background. It’s like getting highlights for your eyes! This is absolutely not your typical set of brown contact lenses because not only does it have class written all over it, you also get to experience awesome comfort and prime protection from UV rays. UV protection is something that these circle lenses do not take lightly. What makes them ultra special is their ability to provide 97% protection from UVA rays and 99% protection from UVB rays. Now that’s a steal!



  • A notable alternative to your classic brown contact lenses, its lush caramel flecks create a subdued fiery atmosphere that's to die for. If there's anything else that you need to complete your charming look, it's most definitely the Minette Layer Almond Brown circle lenses!
  • Sold as a box containing 10 lenses of the same power. 
  • Sun protection: a special coating blocks 75% of UVB and 99% of UVA rays
  • We make sure that you get the best style without sacrificing comfort. These circle lenses are blessed with a high water content of 55% to prevent your eyes from drying out during the day.
  • Cosmetically tinted contact lenses for daily wear.
  • 45% methafilconA, 55% water immersed in buffered saline solution.
  • Composing Monomer: HEMA, EGDMA, MAA
  • B.C.: 8.6mm
  • DIA: 14.2mm
  • The lifetime of the lens is one day.
  • The expiry date is marked on each box.


    This might just be your one true pair and we ship it! Be a sure scene-stealer with these gorgeous new drops from the new Minette Series!

    Power Range 0.00 ~ -8.00
    Lens Diameter 14.2 mm
    Graphic Diameter 13.3 mm
    Base Curve 8.6
    Water Content 55%
    Replacement Cycle Daily
    Size Slightly larger
    Style Natural
    Number of Tones 2
    Pattern Circle Lens
    prominent limbal ring

    PIA - Minette 1-Day Color Lens Layer Almond [P-1.00 (10 pcs)]


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