• Creamy foam adheres closely like a pack of hair.


  • It stains cleanly.


  • Easy hair color with fun by mixing only by hand rubbing.


  • With hair essence not washed away.


  • The fragrance of plenty of fruit sweets.


  • Tsubaki oil + four treatment ingredients combined.


How to use:


  • Place the base water in the mixing cup first, then put the cream.


  • Mix about 20 to 40 times to draw a circle.


  • Completed when the bubbles swell up to the inner line.


  • Fully apply it so that it fills the entire hair.


  • After leaving for about 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and finish with a shampoo / conditioner.


  • Use the supplied hair beauty essence if necessary.

Palty Bubble Pack Hair Color - [Peach Grege]

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