Neuglow whitening effervescent tablets help to brighten skin safely:

● Neuglow L-Glutathione improves skin pigmentation and brightening the skin. With a mechanism to inhibit the formation and production of melanin, the product helps to brighten the skin.

● Blurred melasma, blurred scar. Take effervescent tablets according to the instructions to help fade dark spots and blemishes and improve uneven tone skin.

● Recover sunburned skin or improve skin areas such as knees and elbows

● A strong antioxidant which protects cells against the dangers of darkening, pigmentation, freckles caused by UV.

● Anti-aging, maintain skin smooth, firm, healthy, and reduce wrinkles.

● Skin rejuvenation. The product stimulates the skin to produce collagen. As a result, the skin is more elastic, firmer, and younger.


There is nothing different in the dosage form of Neuglow L (WHITE BOX) and Neuglow C (PINK BOX)

It is known that the use of glutathione in tablets is not an effective way to bring glutathione into the body. Therefore, the supplement of Glutathione effervescent form will bring optimal effect due to its rapid absorption. Provides a highly effective and safe skin lightening effect.


In particular, despite having the same uses and properties, Neuglow L and Neuglow C still have different points in the composition of the product. 

  • White Box: NeuGlow with 100% pure L-Glutathione combined with advanced scientific research to optimize the 4 most important features of Glutathione is S.A.I.D. Known S.A.I. D is skin beauty, making our skin bright, smooth and healthy; Antioxidant, helps in anti-oxidation, helps neutralize free radicals in the body; Immune Booster boosts the immune system; Detoxifier helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  • Pink Box: In the NeuGlow C tablet, in addition to the L-Glutathione ingredient, Vitamin C is also added in a 1: 2 ratio (500mg L-Glutathione: 1,000mg Vitamin C), which has a skin-lightening effect 5 times higher (compared to L -Glutathione normally does not incorporate Vitamin C). In addition to increasing the effectiveness of Glutathione, the addition of Vitamin C also helps to slow down the aging process by neutralizing harmful free radicals and strengthening the body's immune system.


Neuglow Glutathione also supports health:
● Neuglow L-Glutathione Premium White effervescent tablets also help detox, eliminate all heavy metal toxins from the body, enhance immunity.
● Improve the immune system. With a high content of Vitamin C, the product helps to strengthen the body's immune system. It is possible to reduce the risk of disease, especially diseases associated with changing weather.


The effectiveness of Glutathione through scientific research:
● S (Skin Beauty): Whitening, anti-aging skin

● A (Antioxidant): Anti-oxidant, neutralizes free radicals

● I (Immune Booster): Strengthens the immune system

● D (Detoxifier): Discharge metal from the body.


User manual:
- Take 1-2 capsules/day 30 mins before breakfast or 1 hour before bedtime

- Dissolve effervescent tablets with 120ml of water

Neuglow L-Glutathione Premium White 28 Whitening effervescent tablets


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