Marubi Collagen Kyuendo Herusea from Japan
Ingredients: contains the main ingredients:
  •     DNA

  •     Collagen molecules nano

  •     Vitamin C

  •     Hyalorunic acid

  •     Guinea pigs proteoglucan

  •     Probiotics
Helps brighten the skin naturally, preventing skin aging


Nourishing the whole body from deep inside to keep skin youthful, limiting sagging, rejuvenating skin and effective stretch.
- Improve the function, lubricate the joints, knee joints
- Strengthens the immune system, reduces high blood pressure and blood cholesterol
- Nourishes, moisturizes the skin, prevents and soothes freckles, freckles.
- Prevent bad effects of sunlight on skin health.
- Support to lose weight, eliminate toxins inside the body to the outside.
- Improve sleep, reduce fatigue, reduce hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth

Marubi Collagen Kyuendo Heruse -30pcs( 1 month supply) FREE WHITENING MASK

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$113.99Sale Price

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