This anti-aging sheet mask set is steeped in Homeo Age extracted from seaweeds harvested at the bottom of France's Merd'iroise, which is said to be the purest sea in the world. Vitamin C from Camu Camu fruit helps revitalize skin while blue elastin from tuna delivers intense hydration.


  • French made homeoage blending.


  • Iloise sea in France, which is said to be one of the clean seas.


  • The beauty ingredient "Homeoage" that the beautiful sea bred was a nutrient lump necessary for aging care.


  • It is a valuable piece condensing the power of the sea.


  • Riboxyl, blue elastin, cam cam extract, prolin, fermented yeast cell wall extract.

    How to use:


  • Use for skin after cleansing.


  • Expand the mask and keep it close to the face around the nose.


  • Place it for about 10 minutes, let the beauty ingredients mix.


  • Wrapping it with the palm of your hand, it is more effective to warm up.



LuLuLun - Plus Weekly Face Mask (Homeo-Age)


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