Product Name: Gyeol Collagen Product

Features: 500mg (nano-2) the low molecular fish collagen extracted by enzymatic degradation process in the scales of the fish! With 120mg vitamin C intake! Enjoy Collagen products with a refreshing lemon flavor.

Ingredients: 1 sachet (2g) / Collagen (500mg), Vitamin C (120mg)

Appearance: Lemon flavored powder

New Lemona Collagen Korea Vitamin C supplement Anti Aging Wrinkle Brighten Skin
Condition : 100% Original, Brand new
Quantity :  1 Box
Size : 60 Sachets / Box

- Collagen concentrated extracted from marine fish
- Collagen genuine from Korea Is a NANO collagen powder .More easier to absorbed into body .
- Collagen made from fish 25% 500 mg
- Contains 6% vitamin C, 120 mg
- Mixed with vitamin C, lemon flavor, no fishy smell, sweet lemon flavor, easy to eat

- It helps to maintain skin elasticity, shine without acne, reduce blemishes, dark spots and prevent freckles

- It helps synthesize and stimulate collagen production

- It helps prevent the body from getting cold easily

- Enhances the body's immunity against various conditions

- When studying or working, lemona will help reduce stress and fatigue.

- When smoking or when drinking lemona is a good help to reduce thirst.

- For those who drive travel And recreation lemona will help to feel refreshed

- Open envelope, pour it into the mouth, or brew a small amount of water.

-  Take on an empty stomach will make collagen easily absorbed in the morning.
  Waking up is the best time because our stomach is really empty.
  Or time before bedtime But must after eating about dinner 3 hours at least.

- Take1-2 packs a day.

Lemona Nano Collagen Drink Powder With Vitamin C 120g (300kcal/2g x 60)


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