Lanci Whitening Deep Clean cleanser deeply cleanses, removes dirt and dead cells, helps skin healthy, smooth white pink. Natural essences also help moisturize, soften the skin, shrink pores, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles. With a formula of 8 natural flower extracts helps to deep clean pores, reduce dark spots, whiten skin


Ingredients of Lanci Whitening Deep Clean cleanser:

Lanci cleanser is extracted from 8 species of natural flowers, helping to cleanse, antibacterial, and nourish the skin soft, bright smooth:


● Jasmine: anti-inflammatory, treat wounds, moisturize but also regulate oily skin, jasmine contains antioxidant, soothing, antibacterial, especially suitable for acne and skin. sensitive.


● Elderflower: Flowers containing vitamins A, B, C and anthocyanin acid are antiviral agents that help to fight oxidation, soothe the skin and moisturize.


● Apricot blossom: Improves dark spots, melamine, helps brighten damaged skin


● Spiraea Ulmaria Flower: Soothes skin, protects skin cells, prevents irritation, allergies


● Lotus leaf: Inhibits melamine production, whitens skin, promotes blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging.


● Gladiolus: lovitin ingredient in lilac has detoxifying effect, treatment of inflammation, acne treatment, cosmetic allergy, skin soothing, antibacterial, ... Jasmine flower extract is suitable for all skin types, Especially irritated skin.


● White daisies: Balance moisture, hydrate skin in the dry season.


Uses of Lanci Whitening Deep Clean cleanser 100ml:

Lanc Lanci cleanser cleanses the skin, removes dirt, sebum, sweat, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory


✜ Prevent acne and improve the condition of hidden acne, blackheads, white heads


✜ Facial cleanser can be used instead of makeup remover, remove cosmetic make up lightly on the skin, clean to the pores


✜ Prevent melamine, brown spots, dark spots, helps the skin always bright, healthy


✜ Soothes, moisturizes and vitamins for soft, radiant, vibrant skin


✜ Support skin whitening, dark spots, melasma, age spots, improve skin tone after a period of use


✜ Lanci Whitening Deep Clean removes dead skin cells, promotes skin renewal


✜ Increasing elasticity to help skin stretch, shine, reduce wrinkles, aging


✜ Anti-oxidant, enhances skin vitality, combats damage from heat, ultraviolet rays, ...


✜ Tightens pores, reduces oil secretion


User manual:

- Wet the skin.


- Take 1 amount of cleanser into hands, create a foam then massage gently over the face for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water.


- Use 2 times daily, combined with the same product Lanci line for the best effect.

Lanci Whitening Deep Clean Cleanser 100ml Korea


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