• A world level beauty aid instrument offers convenient home-care with ultrasonic vibration peeling and effective Iontophoresis functions


  • Peeling:
    - Strong ultrasonic vibration in 33kHz generated at the tip of the scrubber works with strong vaporization to remove horny skin, toxic substances, sebum, bacteria, and cosmetic residue etc.


  • Iontophoresis:
    - Promote easy permeation of Vitamin C, ion elements of cosmetics and mineral elements into skin with 2mA powerful current
    - Offer massage to the hypodermis to activate the cells deep under the skin, expedite circulation of blood and metabolism and help soften the skin and mitigate wrinkles


  • 630nm Red LED Therapy for skin rejuvenation


  • Non-chemical soft peeling, only water needed for cleaner skin surface and pore inside


  • Skin safe material (STS301) with ergonomic designed blade


  • How to use:
    -For Peeling:
    1. After makeup removel and facial cleansing, wipe your face with cotton pad soaked with warm water or toner. Or spread a steam towel over face for a few minutes for better result.
    2. Operate peeling mode by pushing the button once.
    3. Use the tip of blade to gently glide across skin surface in the opposite direction of you skin texture for better exfoliating effect.
    - For Iontophoresis:
    1. After facial cleansing, apply an even layer of nutritious skin care product (lotion, serum, essence etc.) onto your face.
    2. Operate iontophoresis mode by pushing the button twice.
    2. Hold the blade facing down your skin and gently massage all over your face for absorption deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness.


  • Other features:
    - IPX5 water resistent
    - Portable compact size (body 91g)
    - Auto off function (5min) when not in use
    - Battery power On/Off LED lamp display
    - Rechargeable battery design & Wireless use (Upto 90min and safely charging , working time 30min)


  • This avant-garde peeling machine also serves as an ionizer to promote absorption of essences and toners. For peeling, press the button once and run the blade across your face to remove sebum, makeup residue and dead skin cells using the strong water vapor. For iontophoresis, apply essence on face. Press the button twice and massage face using the other side of the blade. Also emits red light to rejuvenate skin.


How to Use:

  • For Peeling:
    1. After removing makeup and cleansing face, wipe face with a cotton pad soaked with warm water or toner. For better results, spread a steam towel on face for a few minutes.
    2. Begin the peeling mode by pressing the power button once.
    3. Glide tip of blade across skin in the opposite direction of your skin texture for better exfoliation.

  • For Iontophoresis:
    1. After cleansing face, apply an even layer of nourishing skin care product (lotion, serum, essence etc.) on face.
    2. Begin the iontophoresis mode by pressing the power button twice.
    3. Press blade against skin and gently massage all over face to deliver active ingredients from products to skin


Size :  1 set

LABELLE - Rechargeable Sonic Peel 6th Edition (L6) FREE Steam Cell Mask

$125.99 Regular Price
$75.99Sale Price

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