• Produced from pure rose hips with no added artificial ingredients or preservatives

  • Rich in antioxidants and the vitamin c helps to strengthen the immune system

  • Protects the cells from free-radical damage as well as infection

  • Kyuendo rose is an innovative product with a high degree of usability and superiority, with a high concentration of rose essential oil compared to Premium Rose Water , help your body always radiate the smell of roses but gentle but natural and attractive, different from other fragrances, make a good impression with the opposite.


Kyuendo rose  is much more convenient than Rose Water because it is extremely compact, easy to drink and convenient to take anywhere with you. Traveling away from home for many days is still comfortable, while Rose Water bottle is very inconvenient to carry with you.

 Kyuendo rose consists of :

Grape seed oil

Vitamin E


Kyuendo rose essence is considered to be a great improvement with high usability and superior ability with very high oil content compared to previous generations.

Compared to the previous seniors: Premium Rose Water rose water, this fruit has many advantages over the outstanding.

You only need to drink two times you will see the body fragrant inside and out.

    Deodorant: For those who have an unpleasant odor, using the  Kyuendo Rose will help the body to eliminate toxins, thereby helping to reduce the odor on the body.

    Detoxification, cool the body.

    Regulate menstruation, relieve abdominal pain.

    Adjust sweat gland.

    Reduces dark spots, freckles: Damask rich nutrient petals will be the "savior" for the skin deep, freckles, dry and lack of vitality.

    Whitening the skin: With high levels of vitamins C and E, this product helps nourish the skin, leaving it soft, supple, soft and smooth from the inside thanks to its ability to prevent the formation of melanin on the skin and inhibit enzyme Tyrosinase.

    Stimulates production Collagen: along with vitamin C, vitamin A will stimulate the skin's base, increase collagen structure, giving the skin a smooth, elastic. Vitamin A also supports the regulation of sebum, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, acne reduction and tightening pores.

    Reduced Depression: Rosemary is a good remedy for those who are often under pressure in the workplace. Products help to improve mood, reduce depression, soothe the nervous system, reduce the amount of Cortisol Enzyme stress in the body.



Kyuendo rose Supplements


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