Refreshing extract of Lanci Black Peat activated carbon extracted from nature is safe, cleansing make up, to both face and lips, prevent acne, darkening, aging, and moisturize to soften the skin
Lanci Black Peat makeup remover contains peat water extract capable of deep cleansing, taking away make-up cosmetics to help skin clear and tighten pores. Besides, extracts from dong, birch, chrysanthemum, vitamins, minerals moisturizing soothe skin, prevent skin irritation
Uses of Lanci Black Peat makeup remover 150ml Korea:
Lanci Black Peat makeup remover cleans skin, removes make-up, sunscreen daily.
☞ Deep clean in the pores, prevent melamine formation, darken the skin
☞ Providing nutrients for bright, refreshed skin
☞ Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, reduces the risk of acne
☞ Replenishes necessary moisture, maintains soft, smooth skin and prevents uncomfortable dryness
☞ Reduce greasy, tighten pores
☞ Can remove eye and lip makeup safely
☞ Lanci Black Peat Cleansing Anti-oxidant, protects skin cells, slows down the aging process, wrinkles.
● Activated carbon
● Birch extract: Moisturizes and nourishes skin
● Chrysanthemum: Calms the skin, narrows pores
● Dongroot : Contains vitamins and soft skin minerals
● Papaya leaf: anti-oxidant, anti-aging
● In addition, chamomile extract, green tea, gotu kola help fight antibacterial acne, help cleanse and soothe the skin, moisture balance.
User manual:
● Take a few drops of makeup remover pad, wipe gently over face, eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, lips, ... use 2-3 pieces or more of cotton until completely clean.
● Makeup remover is very important, only a few times forget to remove make-up, your skin may have pimples, dullness, dullness, aging quickly. Therefore, do not forget this step !.

Korean Lanci Black Peat makeup remover from activated carbon

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