This version of Kiku-Masamune's sake-based lotion contains a high concentration of kojic acid found in rice wine which hydrates, smoothes, soothes and brightens skin. The alcohol-free formulation also contains ceramides, arbutin, amino acids and placenta extract that help protect and strengthen the skin's acid mantle.


  • "Lotion" of Japanese sake that gets popular as "Uruoe" with a light feeling.


  • In response to the voice "I want a moist type" this time, "Higa Humidity" which raised moisturizing power as it is with the base intact as it appeared.


  • Compared to "Japanese sake lotion", the penetrating power is also with a slightly tempered texture.


  • From the age when there is no cosmetics sake, sake diluted with water was used to prepare the condition of the skin.


  • Geisha going out to the public used the remaining sake.


  • Actually, it is said that amino acids contained in sake brings moisturizing effect.


  • Similar to "Japanese sake lotion" in this "sake lotion moisturizer of sake", one main amino acid for sake is included in one.


  • Placenta extract and arbutin as a moisturizing ingredient, and high moisturizing ingredient ceramide that decreases with age are compounded.


  • It is designed to keep moisture without using emulsion.


  • Plentiful 500ml capacity, you can use it for the whole body as well as the face.


  • It is more effective if you put it firmly in cotton and tissue paper and pack the part you care about dryness for about 5 minutes.


How to use:



  • After washing face, use it for the whole body, not to mention the face.


  • Use plenty after showering and after bath.


  • It is more effective to pack it firmly in cotton or tissue paper, packing about 5 minutes of dryness concerning face, etc.



Kikumasamune Sake Skin Lotion High Moisture 500ml


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