J.MUE - Curllong Mascara

This mascara volumizes and lengthens at the same time, resulting in lush, clump-free lashes that last all day. Fitted with a 2mm micro-tipped brush, it effectively achieves great results even on short, tiny lashes. Can be easily washed off with lukewarm water.



  • Volumizes and lengthens your eyelashes without lumping, and maintains a long-lasting curling effect.
  • Its 2mm micro brush can apply mascara on short lashes.
  • Easily removable by lukewarm water.


How to use:

1. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

2. Apply mascara upwards then in a zig-zag motion from the root of the eyelash with the applicator.

3. Comb through your bottom lashes one by one.

J.MUE - Curllong Mascara


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