A powder to foam exfoliating daily cleanser powered by plant-derived Papain enzymes that remove dead skin cells, impurities, and makeup while leaving skin moisturized.

Papain enzymes delivered in a creamy, rich foam soften, exfoliate, and gently release debris, promoting healthy, natural skin turnover to instantly reveal glowing, baby-soft skin.



  •  Hydrolized Collagen makes the skin elastic and soft
  •  Passed the US FDA Skin Irritation test
  •  Skin is not stripped of moisture and oils after cleansing
  •  Safe for sensitive skin
  •  For all skin types


Reformulated for daily use, this deep-cleansing exfoliator uses Papain enzyme, Aloe vera leaf juice, and Hydrolyzed collagen to remove dulling residue without irritating healthy skin for a brighter glow. The water-activated, powder-to-foam formula leaves skin moisturized and primed to best receive ingredients to follow.

Papaya Enzymes (Papain): Help support healthy turnover to reveal radiant skin.

Deep cleansing

  • It protects the skin with naturally derived Papain enzyme and Wild wheat extract, cares for soothing and pH balance with collagen, green tea, and aloe vera leaf juice.
  • pH5.5 A mildly acidic cleanser tailored to the skin with a weak acidity to prevent problems and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.


How to use

  • In the evening or morning properly cleanse your skin.
  • Place a coin sized amount of powder on the wet palm.
  • Rub it thoroughly with lukewarm water until the foam appears
  • Depending on your skin type, wait about 30 seconds for cleansing and 1-3 minutes for exfoliation.
  • Gently massage onto face for 15 seconds, avoiding the eye area
  • Follow with the Dermatology Booster and Serum and finish with the Active Cream.
  • If you have sensitive skin, apply the Active cream first, and then apply the Dermatology Booster and Serum.

Incellderm Active Clean-up Powder 90g 2.17 oz


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