Huxley - Antioxidant Essence Limited Set: Oil Essence Essence-Like Oil-Like 30ml + Oil Light And More 5ml + Essence Grab Water 5ml

A limited edition from Huxley consists of one full size of Oil Essence Essence-Like Oil-Like and one piece of Oil Light And More in 5ml sample size and one sample size Essence Grab Water in 5ml.


  • Oil Essence Essence-Like Oil-Like:

A dual textured facial serum with oil and essence contains Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil which has excellent moisture retaining ability.
This Oil Essence reduces and combats aging signs, leaving you a healthy and youthful looking complexion.
Recommended for those who seeks for lightweight yet hydrating skin care products before make up and those who wishes for a long lasting glowing look.
How to use: Use after toner. Spread over the face and neck area with appropriate amount. Pat lightly to aid absorption.


  • Oil Light And More:
    A quick absorbing, moisturizing facial oil which is suitable for all skin types, protects the skin from external irritations.
    Featuring Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil etc., it controls sebum and maintains skin at its moisture & oil balance, leaving the skin radiance.
    How to use: Blend 1-2 drops with facial cream and spread across the entire face.


  • Essence Grab Water:
    A lightweight, hydrating essence replenishes moisture loss with Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil infused.
    With Peppermint extract, it also provides cooling benefit to lower skin heat, leaving it refreshened.
    How to use: Use after toner. Take appropriate amount and gently apply from inside to outside along the skin texture.


Huxley Antioxidant Essence Limited Set

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