Lescolton Lobe Moky T-006 Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System


  • Removes Unwanted Hair with Permanent Results
  • Lasts 120x's Longer with 120,000 Flashes for Virtually Limitless Use
  • FDA Cleared
  • Proven HPL Technology That Has Seen Millions of Treatments WorldwideLescolton Lobe Moky T-006 

Product Details

Enjoy a lifetime of hair removal results with Lescolton Lobe Moky T-006 Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System that gives you the freedom to rid ALL areas of unwanted hair. Professional results no appointment necessary. The Flash & Go Luxx revolutionary light-based system for permanent results is perfect for sensitive areas like bikini lines but versatile enough for larger areas like legs and arms. With over 120,000 flashes the Flash & Go Luxx provides a virtually limitless supply of hair removal treatments. Flash & Go Luxx is the only and last hair removal system you’ll ever need. It uses gentle pulses of light energy to physically disable hair growth. Light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature. The result is a virtually painless process that eliminates hair and provides permanent results. The process of laser and light-based hair removal is well known and established. It has been proven in clinical use around the world as a safe and effective way to achieve permanent results Use it for yourself and your spouse with plenty of flashes to spare!

Set Includes:

  • One handheld Flash & Go Luxx hair removal device with 120,000 flashes
  • The cartridge has 4 cm2 spot size
  • User manual



  • Patented Home Pulse Light Technology
  • Removes unwanted hair with permanent results
  • Lasts 120x’s longer with 120,000 flashes for virtually limitless use
  • Easy, safe, painless and user friendly
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • Works on areas big and small
  • No more waxing, shaving or plucking
  • FDA cleared
  • Proven HPL technology that has seen millions of treatments worldwide
  • Affordable compare to professional clinics $2000+ or other at-home lasers. Make costly laser hair removal a thing of the past!
  • Lifetime of pulses of hair removal energy.
  • No replacement cartridges needed
  • Dermatologist recommended.
  • Great for sharing

Home Use IPL Permanent Hair Removal machine Face and Body Lobe Moky


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