Genie Paris Choi Hair Up Story serum 100ml from Korea - Reduce hair loss, stimulate thick, healthy hair

✔ Korean hair growth story hair spray story made entirely from precious herbs: ginseng, locust, bitter grapefruit, lingzhi, and nutrients, vitamins help stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, restore weak hair, damaged hair ...

✔ Genie products of the reputable Korean brand, effective in a short time, safe for the scalp and health, especially the very pleasant aroma.

➤ Products extracted from natural herbal ingredients: Ganoderma, black ginseng, locust, bitter grapefruit, ... added vitamin B5 and zinc are safe and do not irritate oily skin. This essence has the advantage of fast permeability, no sticky hair, pleasant fragrance, and is safe for pregnant and postpartum women.

Paris Currently, Paris Choi hair growth is very popular in the market, promising to bring positive effects after 2 weeks.

Use of hair growth essence Genie Paris Choi Hair Up Story 100ml:

☞ Spray hair story serum stimulates hair growth thick and long quickly

☞ Improving thinning hair, bald hair for all men and women

Giảm Reduces hair loss effectively after 2 weeks (*)

☞ Scalp care, pH balance, reduce oiliness, reduce dandruff, itchy mushrooms, give hair follicles a chance to grow

☞ Supplements nutrients, vitamins for strong, smooth, shiny black hair

☞ The fragrance of natural essential oils gentle, pleasant

Genie Paris Choi Hair Up Story improves oily skin, stimulates healthy hair growth, smooth blackness, treats hair loss, baldness.

Ingredients of hair growth essential oil Genie: Genie Paris Hair Growth Serum, Choi Hair Up Story, is formulated based on the traditional medicine formula of God Heo Jun for the Korean harem. Familiar oriental herb ingredients:

● Black ginseng: Enhances hair darkening, stimulates hair follicle growth

● Ganoderma phoenix: Nourishes hair follicle, stimulates hair growth

● Bodhi: From the past until now, Vietnamese people often use locust to smooth, darken their hair, make them strong, especially to reduce breakage and treat dandruff.

● Bitter grapefruit: Grapefruit essential oil reduces hair loss significantly, stimulates hair growth

● Betel grass: Helps hair soft, deep clean

● Fragrance: Helps hair to be soft, silky, and it also has a pleasant fragrance.

● Knot umbrella: Helps black hair shiny and shiny

● Vitamin B5 and zinc: Take care of the scalp, reduce oiliness and prevent bacteria, fungi that cause hair follicles to clog.

Target users:

✔ Hair up story can be used for all types of men and women:

✔ Women who are pregnant, have a lot of hair loss after birth

✔ Middle-aged men are sparse and bald

✔ Postmenopausal women hair loss due to hormonal

✔ People with thin, weak, brittle hair need healthy hair

How to use Paris Choi hair growth essence:

● Use in the evening, after shampooing.

● Spray a few times on the scalp where hair needs to grow, allow to dry naturally

● Use regularly every day to promote the best effect.

● Keep tightly closed after using, store in a dry place, avoid heat, sunlight

● Combined with a regime of rest, eat well, do not stay up too late, stress, ...

Hair Growth Essence Genie Paris Choi Hair Up Story

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