• Paper announcing products in Korea
FDA Code of US Food and Drug Safety Certification officially recognizes the print on box # Gluta59s
Samsung's largest corporate logo sponsored by # Gluta59s is also printed right on the box
A Safe Product - Quality-Effective 1000% and No side effects ever
# Gluta59s
Take 1 course of 60 packs = 1 day of dialysis cost 16000 USD
 Just take 5 mins to see the reaction immediately and diagnose it right away
  •  Support treatment and prevention of all types of Cancer - Heart - Liver - Kidney - Diabetes - Blood - Stroke - Sinusitis - Musculoskeletal Muscle - Toxins In The Body
  •  Filter toxins from super toxins
  • Through all blood vessels circulating the blood circulation system
  •  Reduce stress for Women who have menopausal Menstrual Dysmenorrhea
  • Enhance Physiology and Sexual Power for Men and Women, supporting those who are physically weak
  • Blood circulation to the brain

Gluta 59S Bio Beautiful skin Reduce acne/freckles MADE IN KOREA